Decorative tints add aesthetic value

Large glass windows are potential advertising spaces or can be used as a median for creative and imaginative designs. Office window tinting Perth could put your creative mind to work by converting your ideas, onto your office windows. These digitally created polyester based Sun control films would serve many purposes.

Office window tinting Perth Sun control films are self adhesive, strong to prevent damage to the glass due to vandalism, reduces Ultra Violet (UV) rays by about 93%, cuts glare and heat by 80% and would also provide security to those around from flying shards if there is damage caused to the windows.

With ever increasing energy bills you would always look for ways and means to reduce expenses, and we at Home window tinting Perth would like to help you in your endeavour. Our Sun control films, by drastically reducing the ambient heat and glare from filtering through the windows brings a foreseeable drop in the temperature indoors.

This enables the air-conditioning and heating systems to efficiently perform their required functions to optimum capacity. This in turn ensures the requirement of a lesser quantum of energy, resulting in lower energy costs. Home window tinting Perth has a undeniable reputation for quality workmanship and reliability having served the community with distinction for many years.

Cars are just hot or chilled tin cans on four wheels if not for the luxuries that we take them to be. Air-conditioning and heating in our cars are necessities and not the luxuries that we consider them to be. Without both heating during winter and air-conditioning during summer we would not be able to comfortably commute in our cars.

Car window tinting Perth gives you the choice of a more comfortable commute as well as a reduction in your fuel consumption. Car window tinting Perth using technologically advanced Sun control film which reduce heat and glare by more than 80% and UV rays by 93%, enhances the performance of your air-conditioning and heating systems in the car, which would give better fuel consumption.

Sun control film installed by the leader in the industry and proud recipient of many outstanding accolades over the years, Car window tinting Perth has always endured to give our best services to the community, and have been in the forefront of all our endeavours. Our reputation for reliability and quality workmanship is held in high esteem, and we will strive to uphold it, always       


Colorbond fencing

Swimming pools whilst being an enjoyable utility could suddenly turn into death traps, especially when unsupervised children use them. If the swimming pools are unprotected, they could bring danger and untold misery in just a few seconds. After many accidents related to unprotected swimming pools, the State authorities have made it mandatory that all swimming pools are enclosed with appropriate fences.

Pool fencing is available in many different materials, depending on your budget and style. The pool fencing could completely segregate the area and obscure the pool from view. This type of fencing especially for homes with children may not be a good idea because any kids straying by chance could face danger and none in the household would know of the calamity until it is too late.

Installing glass pool fencing is very popular today because it adds a quantum of safety where the pool area is visible to those away from the pool and if any danger happens corrective action could be initiated.

Calling for the services of the most experienced fencing contractors would hold you in good stead, and you would be rest assured of quality workmanship. Jim’s fencing has been in the fencing business, since 1997 and is a member of Jim’s Group the home services conglomerate. Our workmanship is held in high esteem and the testimonials that we have received from our loyal customers speaks volumes of the commitment we have made over the years.

Jim’s Fencing supplies and installs only quality materials from high end manufacturers. All the fencing manufacturers we collaborate with are leaders in their own fields, and have a reputation to uphold. We pass on their warranties to our customers hence what we promise is what is offered by the manufacturers, themselves.

A very good example of our selection of manufacturers is of colorbond fencing, which is a home grown Australian success story. Colorbond has produced six million tons of material since the first sheets rolled out of their assembly lines in 1966. With fourteen attractive colours to choose from, colorbond fencing could give your home an added ambience to it’s façade.

Jim’s fencing creates some stunning designs if you want timber fencing or we can also offer some great ideas if you need discreet screen fencing.  


Renting and leasing of buildings

Chinese traders first practiced insurance whilst plying boats with goods that they were trading on the rivers and tributaries. Due to the increase incidents of pirating and also of capsizing boats the traders insured their assets. This was around the 3rd millennium BC. Though it was not very popular among other countries at the time and is not recorded, the Babylonians are known to have practiced a more advanced system in the 2nd millennium BC.

The need for insurance became a reality with the Great Fire of London in the year 1666, which completely destroyed about 13,000 houses. The system of insurance that took off from there onwards has improved in leaps and bounds and is today extending to every possible situation.

Life insurance has also become a multi-billion dollar industry with clauses being included into it seeking compensation for injury, hospitalization, illness and death of human life. Even animals are being insured for various reasons.

Every business entity will seek out an insurance cover to buffer itself from financial loss due to loss of business, defaulted payment from customers, pilferage and even robbery among many others. Any act could be insured and insurers would tailor make a policy to suit your every whim and fancy, but within certain parameters.

In the case of the construction industry the options available are umpteen but there are generalized insurance policies which could be amended with different clauses and the required policy fine tuned.

Building construction insurance and Construction insurance are available for companies in the construction industry, and they could be designed to suit each entity in any which way they want. They could also opt to couple one of the above with either Business insurance or Commercial insurance to provide a more comprehensive insurance coverage. Any commercial enterprise could take out either of the two to protect themselves from claims of compensation.

Renting and leasing of buildings especially for commercial activity would need an appropriate Commercial building insurance cover which should cover any possible situations that could spell disaster to the building and occupants at the time the unforeseen occurs. 

Liability to third parties is legislated and strictly enforced by the authorities hence protecting your company with Public liability insurance and business liability insurance would be healthy.


Regular electrical risk assessment

Defective electrical systems and appliances have claimed many Australian lives, over the years. The Federal and State governments have promulgated laws to protect the public from possible electrical accidents. These statutory requirements have to be adhered to by all concerned or they can be prosecuted, and punished if found guilty.

Testing and tagging is compulsory when new additions or improvements are carried out in homes, offices or other buildings. Such electrical testing and tagging should be carried out by qualified technicians with certification from Australian Standards 3760 and 3012.

Building owners risk litigation for high compensation claims if they fault in their responsibilities and ignore testing tagging of their electrical systems and appliances. All exits in built up areas where the public congregate in their numbers, must be clearly identifiable, especially when it is dark or in the case of an electrical failure. In such buildings regular emergency lights testing should be carried out. 

Jim’s Test & Tag has an enviable record on upholding safety and has never compromised their reputation and is certified by the relevant authorities to issue electrical tagging certification. We use the latest Portable Appliance Testers which give very precise lead tagging readings and the chance of any errors occurring is negligible.

Our reputation precedes us and inquiries are falling back due to the unprecedented backlog and in the context we are unable to service all. Hence we are keen to work with committed entrepreneurs who would buy a test and tag franchise and embark on a profitable and interesting journey with us into the future of Test and Tag.

A regular electrical risk assessment is advisable to keep any premises safe, but it should conform to the above standards. Our franchise holders would have attractive returns on their investment with a very wide portfolio of test and tag services. We will support them with all Marketing and other administrative tools including directing customer inquiries. Inquiries directly canvassed by the franchisee can be serviced by them and follow up action initiated.

Jim’s Test & Tag is an integral part of the Jim’s Group conglomerate, which has origins dating back to the year 1982. It has been built on honesty, transparency, reliability and integrity and our test & tag franchisees become a part of this very progressive family with business interests in home services.